World class Alcohol and Drug testing solutions

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Alcohol and Other Drugs – Complete Solutions

  • Oral fluid testing on-site
  • Urine testing on-site
  • Complete AOD solutions
  • Training and 24/7 phone support
  • In-house supported solutions

Australia's most accurate passive wall mounted breathalyser

  • Rapid, high volume alcohol testing
  • Fast, easy, low-cost modular system calibration
  • Instant recovery for zero test
  • No straws or mouthpieces
  • Life time warranty on the law enforcement grade fuel cell
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AlcoCONNECT Live – AOD Test Management Data

  • Drug And Alcohol Data At Your Fingertips
  • Real Time Data Analysis with Dash Board
  • Monitor Compliance in Daily Testing Programs
  • Identify Potential Risk Areas with Drill Down Capability
  • Export Your Data for Compliance
  • Multi factor Security for Maximum Data Integrity

The superior wall mount breath tester for industry

  • Reliable, fast testing of high volume workforces
  • Self calibrating every 24 hours
  • Configurable to your Alcohol and Other Drugs Program
  • Instant results to management
  • Multiple interface connectivity

White Papers

Alcolizer Technology is a world-leader in the field of Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) testing and is recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative and forward-thinking company’s. As part of Alcolizer commitment to the industry we have developed a comprehensive White Paper series.

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Research & Development

Innovation is the cornerstone of Alcolizer Technology, and that’s why we rely on our strong research and development capabilities to advance new products and technologies. Our ongoing R&D efforts are strongly focused on delivering affordable and practical solutions for our clients.

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Alcohol Testing

If you’re looking to purchase a Breathalyser for commercial, legal or personal purposes, there are several considerations you will need to make. You will find instruments with semiconductor sensors or fuel cell sensors, our selection guide will help you understand the Pros and Cons.

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