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12-month calibration for Alcolizer LE5, HH4, and HH3 alcohol testers

Did you know that Alcolizer now provides 12-month calibration period on all new Alcolizer LE5, HH4 and HH3 hand held breathalysers?

As part of our focus on achieving the latest Australian Standard AS3547:2019, Alcolizer Technology is the first and only manufacturer to offer this standard with a 12-month calibration.

As always, Alcolizer Technology stands behind their products and you can view the certification of our products on the SAI Global website (link here)

Previously these Alcolizer devices had 6-month calibration, that meant returning for calibration or receiving a module exchange twice a year.

A 12-month calibration means less hassle for you sending HH4 and HH3 devices back to Alcolizer for service, now you only need to do this once a year.

Plus, our module exchange program also accommodates 12-month calibration, so even though LE5 calibration is already easy, it is now even easier as you only need a module once a year.

Priced at only $180 + GST for Alcolizer HH4 and HH3 and $280 + GST for Alcolizer LE5, 12-month calibration is easy, cost effective and minimises operational impact to your business.

This new 12-month calibration is only available for devices that have been manufactured to AS3547:2019. If you are unsure if your device complies, check the about screen on HH4 or LE5, it should look like this:

If you have an Alcolizer HH3 the start-up screen of an AS3547:2019 certified device will look like this:

If you don’t have the latest AS3547:2019 standard devices talk to your local sales representative at Alcolizer Technology about upgrading.

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