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The Alcolizer LE5 Breathalyser, The Druglizer Drug Tester, HH4 and HH3 Breathalysers, Centurion and Wall Mount 4 – proudly Australian made.

Alcolizer Technology is highlighting the benefits of purchasing our Australian Made products to help assist you in making the smarter choice for breathalysers and drug testers.


Guaranteed Highest Quality Standard

When you purchase Australian-made products, you can be sure you’re getting a high quality product that is made to last. Our products are designed and manufactured to rigorous quality standards. Alcolizer Technology leads the way in quality control, often an essential requirement that is not always present in products made to lower standards or that have been imported from overseas.

Support the Australian industries and economy

Purchasing Australian Made products means you are helping generate more income for the Australian economy. You’re supporting our local jobs, manufacturing business and industries. Purchasing imported items from foreign brands can often result in an unsatisfactory experience and a product that doesn’t meet Australian regulations or standards. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Trustworthy and reliable service

Alcolizer Technology’s primary manufacturing facility is located in Perth, Australia. We pride ourselves on the in-house manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality for all our products. The importance of accuracy and reliability cannot be overstated: people’s lives and livelihoods count on our instruments.


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