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Staying ahead in AOD detection devices, strategies and programs is a matter of being fully aware of what is going on in the community in terms of alcohol and drug use. This makes it possible to develop innovative new technologies that meet the changing and increasingly challenging AOD landscape, especially in drug detection where new ones continue to emerge at an alarming rate.

Alcolizer continues to monitor industry news, specialist media and mainstream sources, and visits with international universities around the world, to be fully abreast of new developments in alcohol and drug misuse.

Alcolizer Technology’s investment in Oxtox, a University of Oxford spin-off company, has expanded our core capabilities including Drug Testing. Through this investment Alcolizer Technology launched Druglizer™, an industry drug testing program for saliva based drug testing for commercial and law enforcement organisations across Australia, and this product is being incorporated into the exchangeable Drug Reader Module on the LE5.

Our world-leading innovation started in the 1980s with the world’s first self-calibrating Wall Mount breath testing unit. It offered greater accuracy and reliability, solving the common problem of the day, where instruments needed to calibrated monthly to remain accurate.

While improving the accuracy of the tester we also moved the calibration and service interval from monthly to yearly, greatly reducing the downtime involved.

All our Wall Mount products maintain their Australian Standard compliance for 12 months and only require an annual service to replenish the internal reference gas, align measurement mechanics and clean/refresh perishable components.

The process of innovation continued and led to the development of our hand-held breathalyser which continued its evolution in to today’s LE5 product, the world’s first breathalyser designed specifically for and with the cooperation and design input of a law enforcement agency.

In a world first development, the Alcolizer LE5 introduces a modular system that enables calibration and service to be completed on-site in around 60 seconds, thereby increasing the instrument’s availability for testing by minimising calibration down-time. Over the life of the instrument, this system delivers significant savings.