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Alcolizer has been at the leading-edge of Alcohol and Other Drugs testing for over 25 years and yet the company began in the humblest possible way; kick-started by three innovators with the belief that people had the right not to offend: Gary Johnson (still the current owner today), Ted Sly and Tex Toohey. Gary Johnson’s father, a successful businessman and Perth hotel owner, had heard that the Western Australia government planned to start breath testing for drink driving. As a service to hotel patrons, the three founders wanted to help breath-test patrons to be sure they were under the legal limit.

Alcolizer was formed; and the new company built a wall mount breath tester that offered greater accuracy than anything previously available anywhere in the world; a product full of innovation and quality of design: it had a unique, innovative – and at that time, revolutionary – self-calibrating capability that used an internal reference gas to recalibrate the instrument every 24 hours to maintain accuracy. This immediately solved the common problem of the day, where inferior instruments needed to be calibrated every month and suffered significant measurement drift daily, the first Alcolizer Wall Mount was accurate every day and only needed service intervention every 12 months. Alcolizer was born and many of those original products remain in use today! – over 25 years after the company started and serves as impressive testament to the design and build quality of our products.

This concept of giving people and employers “the right not to offend” continues today. All of Alcolizer’s products use law enforcement-grade fuel cell technology including our best-in-class personal breath tester, the ‘Easy Check’. Industry and Personal users alike have the confidence that the technology they are using is consistent with that being used by law enforcement agencies across Australia and the world.