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Relevant, rapid, and mobile results

Collect relevant test data from any AlcoCONNECT™ mobile enabled Alcolizer handheld instrument and save to your Android device. Enhance records with additional information such as name, ID, photos and GPS location.

Identify staff & unsupervised testing

AlcoCONNECT™ mobile accepts NFC tags, QR, bar codes, additional comments and stores this information with an alcohol breath test. You can photograph donors and/or their IDs. Unsupervised staff can use the ‘selfie’ feature to prove a breath test has been conducted.

Print results on the spot

AlcoCONNECT™ mobile can automatically print out tickets or records of breath test results. Configure to print all test results or just positive results.

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When AlcoCONNECT™ mobile combines with AlcoCONNECT™ Live, all Drug & Alcohol test data, for all sites, is saved in one secure cloud location.
AlcoCONNECT™ Live provides graph and map dashboards to display analysed test data by number of tests, site location, time of day and employee/donor.
Drill down into data on the dashboards for instant access to the original results.
The dashboards help to identify hot spots in your business and target resources so you can maximise your testing spend.

Sync results automatically or on demand

Internet connectivity may not always be available – particularly in remote locations, and so AlcoCONNECT™ mobile will store results until you can sync them to AlcoCONNECT™ Live when a reliable internet connection becomes available.
When internet connection is available, tests are synced as they are received so the data is available for viewing immediately. Smart encoded communication protocol ensures you have a secure and robust mobile solution with no duplicate records.

Download the app

AlcoCONNECT™ mobile is an Android app – click here to download the free app on Google Play.

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