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Cannabis Deaths: Vehicle crashes among top causes

car crash

In a recent article from The Sydney Morning Herald, Rachel Clun reports the highest cause of cannabis-related deaths in Australia is from motor vehicle crashes.

A study conducted by researchers at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre recorded 559 cases of cannabis-related deaths between 2000 and 2018. Across all of these reported cases, there were no deaths attributed to cannabis toxicity alone.

Previous research indicates that it’s mixing cannabis with alcohol and other forms of drugs that is the main cause for concern. A combination of these substances significantly increases the risk of harm to the user. Almost 50% (264) of the total cases were involving alcohol.

It is finding like these that reiterate the importance of implementing minimisation strategies to reduce accidental injury harm. Alcolizer Technology prides itself on its contributing towards making the roads and workplaces across Australia a safer place. The number of industries conducting random drug testing is growing and tests are becoming an increasingly common feature in many Australian organisations. If we ensure testing for both licit and illicit substances is a priority across our workplaces, we can reduce road fatalities with the aim of zero lives lost on the road each year.

To find out more information on implementing and maintaining an alcohol and drug testing program across your organisation, get in contact with Alcolizer Technology.


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