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A robust workplace Drug & Alcohol management program is essential for all businesses. We can partner with you in all aspects of drug and alcohol management.

Busways Group’s core focus is on safety, quality customer service, stakeholder engagement and employee development. For over 78 years, Busways has delivered a safe, professional and reliable standard of service. The company currently has a fleet of over 900 buses and operates bus service contracts for Transport for NSW in Western Sydney, the Central Coast and North Coast and the South Australian Public Transport Authority in Adelaide’s Outer South.

With a team of more than 1,750 people, committed to transporting over 26 million passengers each year, Busways prides itself on taking a proactive approach to public transport delivery to ensure the customer’s journey is as safe and seamless as possible.

Busways is Australia’s largest private bus operator and is focused on delivering quality services, innovation, and continuous enhancements for clients and communities in its contracted regions.

Busways began partnering with Alcolizer Technology in 2005 with the purchase of its first Alcolizer breath testing devices, and over the past 3 years has upgraded the entire Busways fleet to the latest Alcolizer LE5 breathalysers. Alcolizer Technology has further developed this device and at the same time customised a solution to fit with Busways’ internal data management requirements. The result is a very user-friendly breath testing device that meets the needs of Busways’ strong focus on testing, reporting, compliance, and audit ensuring the highest possible safety targets are met.

To ensure a good mutual understanding of Busways objectives, Alcolizer Technology was in frequent communication with Busways and spent time to understand how the devices were utilised.

When the AS3547:2019 changes were announced, Alcolizer Technology provided Busways with regular updates on the implication of the changes and what is meant for Busways’ alcohol testing program. After a period of consultation Busways made the commitment to upgrade its fleet to the latest Alcolizer LE5 certified to the updated AS3547:2019 standard.

Based on a strong working relationship with Alcolizer Technology and through its positive experience with the Alcolizer LE5 device, Busways committed to trialling the Druglizer LE5 Drug Tester device for the purpose of undertaking in-house, saliva-based drug testing. Alcolizer Technology conducted live testing trials with Busways at their depots to demonstrate the performance and benefits of the Druglizer solution, again spending time to understand how the devices were utilised and the outcomes Busways required. When combined with the data management tools available from Alcolizer Technology, Busways was able to implement a complete alcohol and drug testing solution integrated with its existing data and reporting requirements. This comprehensive engagement program helped Busways adopt the Druglizer LE5 Drug Tester as the company’s drug testing device of choice which when combined with Alcolizer LE5 and data management tools resulted in a complete, easy to use system.

When Busways expanded into the Adelaide bus market, Alcolizer Technology was there to support the expansion with the Alcolizer and Druglizer LE5 system and continues to support the growth of use of LE5 system in Busways’ north coast depots.

The new technology for Druglizer LE5 implemented with this trial required a number of technical enhancements to enable Busways to assimilate the device and its results into existing reporting and management systems. Alcolizer Technology’s commitment to work closely with Busways and to tailor software solutions to meet the business needs led the company to commit to purchasing a number of Druglizer LE5 devices and commerce in-house, saliva-based drug testing across all depots and offices.

The Druglizer LE5 offers Busways three main advantages in their drug testing:

01. Speed – using the Druglizer LE5 takes only 70 to 150 seconds for a complete test to be performed successfully; legacy technology products can take 15 minutes or longer to perform the same test.

02. Accuracy – the Druglizer LE5 is electronic and displays accurate results on the device screen. This clearly indicates the exact test result as opposed to legacy technology products that display indicator lines requiring interpretation, often these lines can be pale resulting in confusion regarding the result.

03. Economic – the Druglizer LE5 has minimal waste by using a chip-enabled cartridge preventing tests being undertaken on expired cartridges and delivers a fast result minimising labour time spent testing.

The Druglizer LE5 uses oral fluid, the preferred testing method at Busways; this presents a “people friendly” approach to testing as it is quicker and less invasive than alternative methods such as urine testing.

Effective alcohol and drug test policy implementation is best done with the cooperation of staff-members and their Unions – Alcolizer Technology and the Druglizer LE5 Drug Tester achieve this through quick, accurate, and less invasive testing than alternative solutions.

Alcolizer Technology’s solutions deliver quick and accurate testing which means disruption to employee’s day-to-day routine is minimised. All Alcolizer Technology products and services are designed for high-volume demanding industrial environments.

OnSite Drug Testing services in accordance with best-pratise procedures are available from Alcolizer Technology using the world leading Druglizer LE5 Drug Tester and other testing devices.

This ensures swift and effective screening of employees for the presence of performance impacting drugs that migh otherwise compromise Workplace Health and Safety and doing it quicker than legacy test methods and with minimal personal intrusion.

Comprehensive staff training programs were provided ensuring consistent and effective use of alcohol and drug testing technology in Busways workplaces, this is backed up by a national footprint of Alcolizer Technology service technicians able to assist Busways when and how they need it.

“Busways is extremely pleased to use an Australian owned manufacturer and developer in its ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of its employees and passengers. The adaptability, ease of calibrations, reliable service, and prompt supply of testing devices together with training and support supported our decision in partnering with Alcolizer Technology.”

– Busways’ Risk and Compliance Manager

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