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$750K manufacturing scale up to 20,000 units with Federal Grant.

Alcolizer has become an essential part of the solution to developing the first Australian Manufactured COVID-19 antibody test.


After winning a Federal Government grant to scale up local manufacturing from 900 to 20,000 units a day, Alcolizer is taking action towards Australia’s battle against the wide-spread virus.

The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund has increased Alcolizer’s manufacturing capabilities with the latest robotic strip manufacturing technology, allowing for fully automated production and packaging from our Balcatta factory in Perth.

In Alcolizer’s effort to track the spread of the virus, we have transitioned from saliva testing to blood testing with a focus on developing the COVID-19 test. The test doesn’t detect the virus itself but instead looks for two key antibodies. The rapid, affordable and accurate screening tests will move us one step closer towards tracing clusters and mapping where the virus has been.

Prototypes have been completed and Alcolizer hopes to get to clinical trials within 60 to 90 days.

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The Robotic Assembler (DACA) in action