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02 March 2023


Those were the words of Craig Priest, Deputy Director – ARC IDEAL Hub when describing the collaboration between industry, academia and government for the development of the Virulizer rapid antigen test in his recent visit to the Perth-based Alcolizer manufacturing facility.

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16 December 2021

The Australian COVID-19 test ‘Game-Changer’ that doesn’t hurt your nose

Channel 9 News reporter Natalie Cooper reports on Alcolizer Technology’s ‘game changer’ COVID-19 test.

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08 December 2021

Alcolizer Technology making headlines for Covid-19 test ‘rapid and accurate’.

The Australia Business Review’s Chris Griffith reports on the successful recent findings from our SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Study using our Virulizer technology at the University Hospital, Sultan Admad Shah Medical Centre, Pahang Malaysia.

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23 November 2020

Alcolizer Technology awarded the Western Australia Police contract to deliver Breathalysers

Alcolizer Technology is a world-leader in the field of Alcohol and other Drugs testing and is recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative and forward-thinking company’s. Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Alcolizer Technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of alcohol breath testing and drug test devices.

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