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LE5 Bluetooth Printer Carrycase Bundle Offer

LE5 Bluetooth Printer Carrycase Bundle Offer at $2275 plus GST. Save over $770!
This LE5 Bundle Offer includes:

1. LE5 Alcohol Tester Complete System – including GPS!*
2. Bluetooth printer
3. LE5 Alcohol Tester protective cover
4. LE5 Waterproof sturdy hard carry case
5. LE5 Alcohol Tester Familiarisation Online training
6. 100x LE5 mouthpieces

Take up this limited time offer before 30 APRIL 2018.
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* A GPS enabled LE5 Alcohol Tester logs the location of a breath test via GPS coordinates.
Note: the GPS is not for locating a LE5 device via an online map.

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