Alcolizer Easy Check Personal Breath Tester

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Australian Made

The Easy Check Personal Breath Tester is proudly designed, developed and made in Australia by us – Alcolizer Technology.

Our products are relied upon by thousands both here in Australia and internationally.

You can trust that you’re getting the best quality product with the best service guaranteed.


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Alcolizer Easy Check personal breath tester – designed, developed and made in Australia by us – Alcolizer Technology, the manufacturer. Alcolizer Easy Check is the personal breath tester relied on by thousands to keep themselves safe.

Manufactured to the highest quality standard the Alcolizer Easy Check offers law enforcement grade electrochemical fuel cell sensing technology at an affordable price for personal users.

While a vast majority of personal breathalysers in the market use low cost semi-conductor sensors or cheap, low grade manufactured fuel cells. Alcolizer chooses to exclusively use the highest-grade platinum electrochemical fuel cells for all of our alcohol testing products, including the Alcolizer Easy Check personal breath tester.

Alcolizer Easy Check is manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standard ISO:9001 and in accordance with our Australian Standards Certification AS 3547 Type 2*. Each Alcolizer Easy Check breathalyser comes with four mouthpieces, a hard protective carry case and batteries.

The Easy Check requires calibration every 6 months and on-screen notifications show you when calibration is due. We will also contact you with a friendly reminder to send your Easy Check into your nearest Alcolizer Certified Calibration & Servicing Centre for prompt calibration.

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*Standards certified for Standard tests when Alcolizer approved mouthpieces are utilised.

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