LE5/HH4/HH3 Spit Trap Non-Return Valve mouthpiece

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LE5 Spit-Trap Non-return Valve Mouthpiece

LE5 Spit-Trap Non-return Valve Mouthpieces are custom designed and developed specifically for the law enforcement grade Alcolizer LE5.
Each LE5 Spit-Trap Non-return Valve Mouthpiece has a strong weather shield cap for added device protection and also ensures each alcohol breath test is securely contained and unaffected by environmental conditions.

The spit-trap non-return design ensures contaminants are kept from entering the sample chamber so the integrity of subsequent test results is assured.
For added personal safety, each mouthpiece is hygienically wrapped.

Sold in Bags of 100.  Discounts available for 10+ bags and 25+ bags

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