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Service and support from the original equipment manufacturer

Nothing beats the technical service and support, back-up and maintenance services that only the manufacturer can offer. The reasons are obvious. As the original equipment manufacturer, Alcolizer has exclusive access to the engineers who design and develop each instrument. Through our network of factory certified and trained technicians, we can keep your instruments up to date by performing the service procedures approved by the original R&D and design teams, widely regarded as the best in Australia. We are proud to be ISO 9001 accredited: your guarantee that Alcolizer will continue to supply first class service and support to protect your investment.

Backed by a constantly updated knowledge base

In our rapidly changing workplace and community climates, the prevalence of alcohol and drug related problems continues to grow and evolve, presenting new challenges and combinations.

Examples include the prevalence of products to encourage the faking of urine tests, hugely encouraged by internet suppliers. Other issues of concern include the ease of obtaining ‘recreational’ and ‘party’ drugs, with amphetamines on the increase, the abuse of prescription medicines (especially opioid-based ones), and new dangers like the designer drug, Flakka, reputedly more dangerous than ice. By keeping up to date and bringing you the latest information we seek to help you put the right detection systems into place.

Customised to your exact requirements and circumstances

Whether you prefer in-house or external testing systems, we offer you the options that best suit your needs and budget. Should our standard products and programs not quite meet your needs, we are more than happy to customise them to your requirements. We also provide the training needed to maximise your return on investment through our various training and education programs.

LE5 Modular Platform

Responding to market feedback gathered from more than 20 years of interaction with customers, Alcolizer developed the Alcolizer LE5 hand held breath testing device for fast, accurate and reliable testing while saving customers time and money. In a world first development, the Alcolizer LE5 introduces a modular system that enables calibration and service to be completed on-site in around 60 seconds, thereby increasing the instrument’s availability for testing by minimising calibration down-time. Over the life of the instrument, this system delivers significant savings. This same platform technology is being used to develop drug testing options for Industry and law enforcement.

Wall Mount Service Packages
Premium Standard
Visually inspect the instrument for defects:
Instrument case
Gas bottle & regulator assembly
High pressure line, low pressure line, purge line, drain tube, pressure sensor
Instrument markings – serial number, specification panel etc.
All electrical wiring
LCD, PCB, purge pump, sample system
Replace backup battery
Upgrade firmware
Validate Migration of Settings
Replace calibration gas bottle
Using NATA Certified gas
Check the O-ring on the regulator system
Check for Gas Leaks
Inspect the Sample System
Clean instrument internally and externally
Inspect drain tube and replace where necessary
Initiate diagnostic testing to ensure operation as per AS3547:2019
Conduct 5 reference gas checks one minute apart
Conduct 3 zero checks
Ensure in tolerance between reference gas and displayed readings
Gas bottle and basic service labour is included
Customize Instrument function (if applicable)
Initiate Self-Check diagnostics for Network Access
Synchronize internal clock via network time protocol
Initiate Email Notification Diagnostic
Initiate Alcolizer Portal Diagnostic if connected
Initiate Camera Diagnostic
Initiate Coin Diagnostic
Initiate Wiegand Diagnostic
Initiate Printer test
Replacement of LCD, PCB, purge pump and sample system covered at no cost
Remote configuration and diagnostics phone support (if required)
Freight not included
Rental unit available to reduce unit downtime
On-site Service option available
AlcoCONNECT, free LIVE monitoring provided on request. (WM4 only, LAN connection to be provided by customer)
Extended Warranty is offered if the AlcoCARE Contract is maintained
All our Wall Mount service programs above are back-to-base service, however if you would like to enquire about onsite service contact your account manager here.
KEY – Standard
– Additional Cost Option
– Not Available