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A best practice drug and alcohol program can be an important part of your overall health and safety strategy. Quality, accuracy and timeliness are paramount for your and our businesses.  The most common drug and alcohol services are tests for oral fluid (saliva), urine and breath alcohol. Oral fluid (saliva) is becoming the preferred choice for onsite testing for many industries. It is more difficult to cheat, has a narrow window of detection, and requires no special facilities to collect. Urine though is still the preferred method for pre-employment testing with its ability to detect a broader history of drug use. Both saliva and urine drug testing are done according to the current Australian Standard, AS 4760(2006) and AS4308 (2008) respectively. As such we conduct regular quality control checks both internal and external in accordance with the standard. Our collectors are health professionals trained in drug sample collection techniques and privacy.

Compliance Management Solution

AlcoCONNECT is Alcolizer’s Compliance and Data Management System [patent pending]. AlcoCONNECT Live Data System combines Alcolizer’s innovative testing technology with state-of-the-art business solutions. It is the ideal tool for Safety and Business Managers seeking real time, analysed test results from across their business. Alcolizer records all Drug and Alcohol test data, including signatures, onto a secure electronic data base. Alcolizer Wall Mount breathalysers, used as part of the site program, have a range of connectivity options supported “out-of-the-box” and tailored for customers. Your compliance reports are generated from this information and instant email alerts are sent to management for exception reporting. Dashboards provide easy to review analysis of your test data by number of tests, site location, and time of day, result and employee details. Drill down into data on the Dashboard for instant access to the original alcohol, drug screen and confirmatory toxicology results.

Alcohol Testing Solution

EC Accurate, reliable personal testing equipment. EC offers police standard electrochemical fuel cell sensing technology at an affordable price for personal users.

HH3 Accurate, reliable, fast, industrial alcohol tester with back to base calibration. HH3 has been specifically designed for commercial and industrial alcohol breath testing where there is a need for a small and robust instrument for the workplace.

LE5 Accurate, reliable, fast, printable alcohol testing with Bluetooth and GPS capability. Alcolizer LE5 has a world first, modular system that enables exchange of calibration modules to be completed on-site in around 60 seconds.

WALL MOUNT Used for fastest processing of high volume workforces in industrial environments. Easily integrated into security and personnel management systems with real time alerts of positive readings.

Drug Testing Solutions

CONSUMABLES We provide a comprehensive range of drug and alcohol testing products. All necessary consumables for Drug testing – urine cups, oral fluid swabs, testing paperwork and laboratory confirmation kits to on-site drug testing safety consumables.

AOD TESTING PROGRAM Customised to meet your business needs:

  • Fully Outsourced – Druglizer will manage your whole AOD testing program including Random, For Cause and Post Incident.
  • Hybrid Program – Where your business can choose a program to suit your needs. Druglizer can manage some of your testing and you can do the rest. Commonly, Druglizer manages the random testing program, and training and consumables are provided for the company to manage the post incident and reasonable suspicion testing.
  • Customer In-house – Here your company manages the whole AOD program and Druglizer will provide Training and consumables for the company to manage their own AOD program.