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Alcohol and Drug Solutions App

Why the OnSite Testing App?

Using electronic devices to collect alcohol and drug (AOD) test results via an App means faster testing, source data and ability to email results and sync with databases. When combined with AlcoCONNECTTM, The Complete Solution, AOD test results can be securely stored in the cloud and at your fingertips when you need.

Relevant, rapid and mobile results
The complete solution with AlcoCONNECTTM
Use app with urine device
Email test report or sync with AlcoCONNECTTM
Sync results automatically or on demand
Android and iOS compatible

Overview of the App

The App receives screening drug and alcohol test records from a paired Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled Alcolizer and/or Druglizer handheld device.

Non-Druglizer, urine and oral fluid drug screening devices can be chosen from the dropdown list of approved devices and test results can be manually entered into the App.

Donor details are entered manually into the app in line with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4760:2019 requirements and declarations are acknowledged via electronic signing within the app.

These test records can be synced with AlcoCONNECTTM or emailed as PDF documents directly from the app.

Download the app

Contact your Alcolizer sales representative for information on how to download the app.

Image above: Drug test results from Alcolizer or Druglizer devices are received automatically when devices are paired with the app