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Australian Made

The Centurion Wall Mount is proudly designed, developed and made in Australia by us – Alcolizer Technology.

Our products are relied upon by thousands both here in Australia and internationally.

You can trust that you’re getting the best quality product with the best service guaranteed.

About Centurion Zero Tolerance Wall Mounted Breathalyser

Rapid, high volume alcohol testing

The compact, robust Centurion Zero Tolerance Wall Mount uses, passive testing to process workers rapidly – Centurion can process up to 360 workers an hour with an instant response time on a zero BAC reading.

Centurion will operate 24 hours a day in conditions ranging from -5°C + 50°C, Configurable to fulfil your program requirements from simple self-test stations for visitors/contractors through to fully integrated staff management systems.

No mouthpieces or accessories required

No mouthpieces, straws or extra accessories are required with the Centurion passive wall mount. Its unique sample collector eliminates blow-back and residue from positive blows are expelled from the side outlets.

Fast, easy, low-cost modular system calibration

Centurion is the only wall mounted breath tester on the market today with Alcolizer’s patented modular calibration system.

Introducing Alcolizers proven modular system to a wall mounted application enables calibration to be completed on site in around 60 seconds thereby increasing the unit’s availability for minimising calibration downtime.

Centurion wall mount connectivity

Centurion excels with connectivity options supported “out-of-the-box” with an on-board ARM Cortex-A8 CPU and Customer Programmable Colour Screen.

Centurion has connectivity options to suit many requirements including:

  • Etherner
  • Live Secure Reporting
  • USB
  • RS232

You can set the unit to:

  • store your test data
  • send an email when an exception test occurs
  • action gate access via relay for pass results
  • direct your employee should they fail the test
  • integrate with your site management system
  • deliver relevant analysed data live to your management team
  • print test records via USB with a compatible printer

Law enforcement-grade life time fuel cell warranty

Alcolizer alcohol test equipment is Australian designed and fully supported worldwide. We know our equipment is a critical component in ensuring the health and safety of your workers, site visitors and assets. Our AlcoCARETM program and factor trained technicians can support your equipment in the fastest and most cost effective manner for you.

Centurion is designed and manufactured the highest quality standard ISO:9001

Centurion Quantum is a wall mounted breath tester providing BrAC results certified to Australian Standards AS3547:2019.

Centurion Zero Tolerance uses the same device framework but with a different sample system to provide a passive test result.

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