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Alcolizer Technology has teamed up with NoahFace — leaders in touchless and seamless integrated solutions — to integrate Centurion and Wall Mount 4 with their advanced Access Control, Time & Attendance, and Visitor Registration solutions.

NoahFace is passionate about improving the way people live and work through the adoption of facial recognition technology, making processes more efficient, convenient, secure, and safe, and making interactions between people more personalized.

NoahFace’s Access Control with frictionless entry offers a hands-free and card-free security system. To put it simply, your face is your key with a glance at an iPad.

NoahFace’s Time and Attendance for hourly-paid staff is the fastest and most accurate Time and Attendance solution. Using automatic facial recognition technology, staff can accurately and reliably record their shifts in seconds. Time records are maintained securely in the Cloud, where they can be searched, reported on, and exported. The records also flow directly into your payroll system, ensuring staff gets paid accurately and efficiently.

Learn more about NoahFace here.

Wall Mount 4 and Centurion alcohol breath testers for Gallagher Security integration with Alcolizer.

Integration specifications

Product: Alcolizer Centurion, Alcolizer Wall Mount 4
Interface: NoahFace App
Industry application: All
News: Article

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