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Rail Industry Worker Program


Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program

Alcolizer Technology is excited to partner with the RIW Program through Metro Trains Australia (MTA).

The RIW Program is owned by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) and is endorsed by all of its member organisations. It is designed to meet the regulatory requirements of Rail Safety National Law by giving participant rail and construction organisations full visibility of rail industry workers moving between projects and employers. It does this by maintaining a single electronic record about workers health, education and competencies. This ensures that work is carried out by qualified and fit for duty workers, which enhances overall safety on rail networks across Australia.

The RIW Program now integrates with the Alcolizer Wall Mount 4, Centurion Zero Tolerance wall mounted self-testing devices and the Alcolizer LE5 and Alcolizer HH4 hand held devices. These devices can be used for recording blood alcohol concentration test results direct to the RIW System.

Requirements for site upgrade:

  • Internet access over ethernet cable
  • Network port availability
  • Ethernet cable – Cat5 or Cat6
  • RIW System set up following these instructions on the RIW website.

If you have any further queries regarding breathalyser integration, refer to the Breathalyser FAQ’s on the RIW website or contact the RIW Service Desk on

Breathalyser FAQ’s