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Alcolizer Technology has worked closely with Ramco to integrate Centurion and Wall Mount 4 with their advanced ERP, Contractor Management and Facial Recognition Time & Attendance solutions. Ramco is a fast-growing enterprise software player disrupting the market with its multi-tenanted cloud and mobile-based enterprise software in the area of HCM and Global Payroll, ERP and M&E MRO for Aviation. Ramco Systems focuses on Innovation and Culture to differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Ramco Systems is part of the USD 1 Billion diversified conglomerate, the Ramco Group of companies. Headquartered in Chennai, the company has 24 offices spread across India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East, South Africa and APAC.

Tracking time and attendance of the employees is very important, as it forms the basis for many HR activities like Payroll, Administration, and so on. Conventionally used attendance mapping systems such as Biometric and Swipe cards are limited in scope, high on investment and do not scale to the needs of a geographically dispersed workforce. They also pose serious health concerns as they are unhygienic (touch-based) and can lead to spread of diseases. Ramco offers a choice of innovative technology enabled Time & Attendance tracking applications including Facial Recognition, Temperature scanning as well as GPS + NFC based attendance management systems.

With the emergence of large number of people willing to work part-time or in temporary positions, the effective inclusion and efficient management of contract workforce also called contingent workforce in any organization has gained importance.

While engaging with a contract workforce gives the flexibility to attract skilled expertise, address seasonal demands or control labour costs, most companies are not really ready for it. Ramco Contract Workforce Management Solution can help you enforce proper control and enable complete management of every single worker that is a part of the ecosystem.

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Wall Mount 4 and Centurion alcohol breath testers for Gallagher Security integration with Alcolizer.

Integration specifications

Product: Alcolizer Centurion, Alcolizer Wall Mount 4
Interface: Command Centre
Industry application: All
News: Article

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