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Rapid Global

Rapid Global Software

Alcolizer Technology has partnered with Rapid Global, a multi-award winning software company specialises in contractor management and site access software systems. The Rapid Global integration provides clients with a fully integrated solution for alcohol breath testing and compliance checking of workers and contractors at site entry. Find out instantly if your workers are trained, compliant and approved so both you and them can get on with the job quickly and safely!

Rapid Global offers a range of software including Rapid Induct, Rapid Access Systems, Rapid Permit To Work and Rapid Contractor Management, which integrate with the Alcolizer systems to provide a seamless and sophisticated site sign in system to promote safety on site.

Rapid Global systems integrate with the Alcolizer Wall Mounted breath testing units to provide automated alerts to the worker at the point of site sign in.

Benefits include:

  • Site sign in and sign out via touchscreen terminal with random or mandatory breath testing alerts.
  • Auto alerts sent to the relevant manager if breath test is positive.
  • Ensures workers and visitors with a positive alcohol result are not permitted entry to site.
  • Site entry provided only to inducted and compliant visitors/contractors/workers.

Rapid Global integration - Wall Mount 4 WM4 and Centurion on-site breath testers for integration

Integration specifications

Product: Alcolizer Centurion, Alcolizer Wall Mount 4
Interface: Rapid Access Control Systems
Industry application: All

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